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Around the world, vaccines have been instrumental in helping eradicate or control many diseases that may have otherwise caused significant harm or even death. Diseases like smallpox have now disappeared thanks to the help of vaccines; immunisations can help to control many others.

This site has been developed to help you understand the recommended immunisations for different ages and life stages, from childhood into adolescence, adulthood into old age as well as for travellers. Find answers to common questions about vaccines, so you can help protect yourself and those around you.

GSK's proud vaccine history

GSK’s Vaccines business is focused on vaccine research, development and production. We are proud to deliver over 2 million vaccines every day to help people in over 160 countries around the world. We partner with the Australian Government to support the National Immunisation Program (NIP) and every year we help protect nearly 4 million Australian children against vaccine-preventable diseases.

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AUS/VGU/0004/18 Date of approval: November 2018